TiE UK North Regional Finals, the results are in.

TiE UK North finalists

The TiE UK North Regional Finals drew to a close last week with the founders of several startups finding out if they won the prize of a visit to Singapore and further investment into their company.

The event attracted the most innovative, female-led startup companies from across the North of the UK, where judges assessed their business models, products and benefits to their target customers. 

Bitbaby founder, Rachael was chosen for 1st runner up by the Judges in the TiE UK North Regional Finals with the judges describing her startup as:
…created by Rachael who is a Registered Midwife, from experience with pregnant women in mind. Bitbaby is a device that pregnant women can wear during pregnancy that will record baby’s movements. The unique selling points of Rachael’s product led the Judges to award her 1st Runner up.

During the event, Rachael had the privilege of meeting the seven other finalists, a remarkable assembly of inspiring business women, each dedicated to diverse projects aimed at addressing critical issues. These projects span from combating human trafficking and advancing women’s healthcare to promoting education on climate-related matters.

Rachael said about the event:
“It was eye-opening to see so many wonderful startups and the problems they’re intending to solve on a global scale. I was thrilled for bitbaby to be announced runner up, especially since speaking in front of judges is not something that comes naturally to me. 

The eventual winner, Anne Lawlor with Journey Protector, is dedicated to resolving human trafficking, being able to use technology to spot where and when this cross border crime is happening. 

For Rachael and bitbaby, one of the most exciting aspects of this programme is Rachael’s access to a wealth of knowledge through the online Global Masterclasses offered by TiE UK. The masterclasses are conducted by experienced entrepreneurs, many of whom are celebrated experts in the field of creating successful businesses worldwide. 

This invaluable learning experience promises to equip Rachael with the insights and strategies needed to help bitbaby thrive in the dynamic world of global business and highlight the need for more research needed into women’s health and poor outcomes during pregnancy.

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    While you’re here, we’d love to tell you a bit about us.

    A regular pattern of movements is a key indicator of your baby’s well-being during pregnancy.

    Women don’t always know how to recognise a regular pattern of movements for their baby and don’t know what they should be checking for. This leads to increased anxiety. When they do think something isn’t quite right, they don’t feel confident and they doubt themselves so don’t seek advice straight away.

    We’re developing a device that will monitor your baby’s movements during pregnancy from 24 weeks onwards so that you can have a better understanding of your baby’s regular pattern of movements.

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