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Help ease anxiety for expectant mums and provide them with accurate, real-time information about their baby’s movement during pregnancy.

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bitbaby is a passive, at-home fetal movements monitoring system consisting of a comfortable wearable, which objectively records fetal movements via accelerometers that interact with an app which visually displays when fetal activity has been detected.

An array of sensors, mounted in a fabric garment, detect fetal movements via vibrations through the mother’s abdomen. Movement data is then presented to the mother in daily/weekly charts via their mobile device. Crucially, the mother’s movement doesn’t interfere with fetal movement detection.

Rachael Curran

What mums are saying

“If I have another child I hope Bitbaby is already in the market as I will definitely love to have that awareness during my pregnancy.”


natalie's story

Eva’s Story

I met Rachael in Dec 2020 when I learned about bitbaby and I was hooked on the idea. I was pregnant and had had quite a complicated start with multiple bleeding instances in the first trimester.

Being a curvy lady I found it difficult to feel the babies movements when they started and I always thought that a device to give me some certainty would be fabulous. Having met Rachael a few times then, discussing some of the preliminary steps to bring bitbaby to fruition, she enrolled me to try a movement awareness exercise.

This entailed filling a Google form every instance that I felt a baby movement. I was 30 weeks pregnant then. Unfortunately, before the exercise was finished my waters broke and I went into labour. I finished having an emergency C-section and as she was premature, my baby went to NICU. She did not come home with me for another month but thankfully she recovered to be a clever, happy (and a bit naughty :D) child.

Throughout the stressful hours that followed my waters breaking I found an immense source of calm in the movement awareness exercise. As I have been hyper aware of the baby and my body for the sake of the exercise, I knew I had not ignored any sign of distress. We do not know why my waters broke and I went into labour but at least I had some control in how to handle the situation by being calm and focused.

If I have another child I hope bitbaby is already in the market as I will definitely love to have that awareness during my pregnancy.

natalie's story

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bitbaby is committed to providing the utmost care for mothers and babies and is currently undergoing clinical trials. We have partnered with Professor Heazell and his team at Tommy’s Research Centre in collaboration with St Mary’s NHS Trust and the University of Manchester. Clinical trials will occur in 2023, allowing bitbaby to meet regulatory requirements and conformity assessment as a Class IIa medical device.

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