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We believe that you deserve to enjoy your pregnancy, birth, and parenthood journey.

We guide you through your pregnancy so you know what to expect, feel reassured, and understand yours and baby’s wellbeing.

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the bitbaby band

Bond with baby’s every

The bitbaby wearable makes it easy to recognise your baby’s regular pattern of movements during pregnancy.

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Why your baby’s movements matter

Movements are one of the most important indicators of a baby’s well-being in the womb. But understanding what a regular pattern looks like is subjective and there’s a lot of pressure on you to know what’s right.

That’s why we invented bitbaby, to empower you. Help you to feel more confident and less anxious about keeping a check on your baby’s movements. By providing objective, real-time information, giving you peace of mind.

Why movements matter

One less thing to worry about during pregnancy

Connect your wearable device with the bitbaby app and automatically track your baby’s movements in real-time. Get peace of mind that your baby’s movements are regular. You can easily see your baby’s movements showing daily and weekly patterns.

Improving pregnancy outcomes with smart tech

Founded by a midwife, bitbaby aims to improve pregnancy outcomes and reduce unnecessary interventions by providing you with real-time knowledge of your baby’s movements. So you can enjoy your pregnancy knowing you understand your baby’s wellbeing.

What mums are saying

“Having the ability to have peace of mind throughout your pregnancy at home would have saved me a lot of stress and worry…”


natalie's story

Natalie’s Story

My pregnancy was running smoothly until near the end of my 2nd trimester. I had an anterior placenta, so had felt movements later in my pregnancy than I had expected. Suddenly when my movement pattern changed and stopped, my world instantly flipped upside down.

Whilst the hospital couldn’t explain the loss of sensation at my end, they could check babies movement and heartbeat which did bring peace of mind at the time. Outside of being in the hospital getting checks done, I felt little to no movement from my baby.

This obviously caused a lot of personal distress, not just to me but my family too. There was no way I could check baby was okay, there was no way to put my mind at ease. For me, this resulted in daily hospital visits for the remainder of my 2nd and 3rd trimester. But again, outside of these visits my concern would often ramp up.

Speaking to Rachael at Bitbaby and meeting other mums in the hospital, I learned that my journey wasn’t one in isolation. Having the ability to have peace of mind throughout your pregnancy at home would have saved me a lot of stress and worry and having something that can do this, in my experience, would have seriously helped the second half of my pregnancy.

natalie's story

How it works


Slip on the bitbaby band


Connect your band to the
bitbaby app


Start seeing your baby’s movements in the app


bitbaby is a comfortable fabric band that fits around your belly and expands as your pregnancy progresses.


Fitted inside the band are small, non-invasive and highly attuned sensors that specifically monitor your baby’s movements.


These movements are recorded in the bitbaby app on your phone where you can see if your baby is moving in its regular pattern.

Validated through clinical research

Founded by a midwife, the bitbaby device is currently undergoing rigorous clinical trials working with the NHS. It is our utmost priority to ensure your safety and that of your baby. To find out more about the years of research that has gone into making the bitbaby device visit our research page.

Know what to expect at every stage of your pregnancy

Watch our pregnancy video series and know what you can expect every week of your pregnancy – hosted by bitbaby founder and midwife Rachael Curran.

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The mums who have helped build bitbaby

bitbaby has been developed in collaboration with expectant parents, mums and dads, NHS professionals, pregnancy clinics and clinical researchers. Watch the mothers who have helped develop bitbaby.

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Our midwife-led labour, birth preparation and hypnobirthing course is the perfect gift for expectant parents. The course is led by Rachael, a midwife with over 20 years experience. Her experience shines through as she gently guides parents through the techniques of hypnobirthing.



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    Why is getting to know my baby’s regular pattern of movements important?

    Getting to know your baby’s regular pattern of movements will help you to recognise what’s usual for your baby. This will help you if your baby’s movements change, reduce or stop. For example, if you routinely take time to tune into your baby’s movements at 9am every morning and you know to expect your baby to move actively for 30 minutes as always. However, on a particular morning this is not the case. Instead your baby moves very slowly, is not as active and movements only last for 5 minutes duration. Would you agree this is not usual for your baby? You haven’t experienced your baby’s regular pattern, call your midwife or maternity unit for advice. 

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    Can I make my baby move?

    Your baby should be moving without needing to be prompted. You shouldn’t need to be having snacks, hot or cold drinks to encourage your baby to move. If you think that your baby’s movements have changed, reduced or stopped, contact your midwife or maternity unit for advice. A midwife can then take a full history from you and give you the most appropriate advice. Speaking with family members or friends can be tempting and they will do their best to give you advice. But the advice they give, with good intentions, may not be appropriate for you and your baby. Every baby is unique, so if someone says to you they experienced something very similar with their baby and everything was fine, that may not be the case for you. Always seek advice from a midwife.

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    Will my baby’s regular pattern of movements be like my previous pregnancy?

    It’s important to remember that all babies’ movements are unique. Every baby is different. Every pregnancy is different. With every pregnancy you experience, your baby will follow their own regular pattern of movements. This will be unique to them.

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    How many movements should I feel in a day?

    There is no set number of normal movements. Recognising what is a regular pattern of movements for your baby is a good indicator of their wellbeing. Learn to recognise what times during the day, evening and early hours your baby is active. The duration of movement activity and the sensations of how those movements feel.

    Timing, duration and sensation of movements.

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    What if I haven’t felt my baby move at all and I’m 24 weeks pregnant?

    By 24 weeks of pregnancy you usually have felt some sensations of your baby’s movements. However sometimes it may seem like you haven’t felt any at all. Let your midwife know. Your baby’s movements can feel like a flutter, swish, roll or kick. Sometimes described as a bubbling sensation. Very often you have experienced sensations but suspected it to be something else. Especially when you’re experiencing your first baby. Some women say that once they see their baby’s movements on ultrasound scan this is when they can associate the sensation felt with the movements seen.

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    Will my baby’s movements slow down towards my due date?

    No. Your baby’s movements should not slow down towards the end of your pregnancy. You should still be feeling your baby’s regular pattern of movements right up to when you go into labour and during labour too. Sometimes when you are in labour the thought of contractions can override the thought of has my baby moved? Even so, your midwife, with your permission, will place her hand on your bump to feel for the sensation of your contractions and very often can feel your baby moving too.

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    My baby’s movements have slowed down today but I’m seeing my midwife tomorrow so should I wait and mention this then?

    Do not wait. Don’t wait until the next day. You have noticed a change in your baby’s movements, call and speak to a midwife straight away. Get advice. If your own instincts are telling you that you feel your baby’s movements have slowed down and changed, don’t wait. The minute you get the thought that your baby’s movements don’t feel the same, or something feels different, something just doesn’t feel right…call and speak to a midwife for advice. We can’t stress enough, your baby’s too precious for you not to.

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    I think my baby’s movements have reduced but what if I’m wasting midwives’ time?

    You are not wasting anyone’s time. Don’t put off calling a midwife for advice. Midwives are available to offer advice 24 hrs a day, every day. If something doesn’t feel right with your baby’s movements, speak to a midwife for advice. A midwife can take a full history from you and give you advice based on your personal circumstances. Yours and your baby’s wellbeing is paramount to midwives.

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    My baby’s movements are reduced again, should I call? But everything was fine last time.

    Yes, call and get advice. Always seek advice every time you feel your baby’s movements have changed, reduced or stopped. Even if everything was fine last time, it is always best to know each time that all remains well with you and your baby. You’re not wasting anyone’s time. You are speaking up for your baby.

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