Bond with your baby’s every movement

A wearable device helping you keep track of your baby’s movements during pregnancy.


The bitbaby band is currently being developed with specialist tech engineers and healthcare professionals.

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Get real-time information about your baby’s movements, anywhere, any time.

bitbaby automatically tracks your baby’s movements, helping reduce anxiety during pregnancy.


Why pregnant women love bitbaby?


Catch every movement with comfort

Our double directional stretch fabric is super soft and lightweight, allowing it to grow with you and your bump. Can be worn during the day or for night.



Understand your baby’s regular movement patterns

Each baby’s movements are different. From 24 weeks, bitbaby records live data readings of your baby’s movement so you can compare fetal movements week by week.


Developed by a midwife with ultrasound clinics

Our prototype was tried and tested by real pregnant women, in line with the UK healthcare regulations. Helping to educate and improve your confidence in understanding your baby’s development and wellbeing.

The app features you’ll love


Movement insights

Get up to date visibility of your baby’s movements in the womb.


Mood tracking

Emotional symptoms are an important part of your pregnancy. Track trends and changes in your moods to understand more about your wellbeing.


Babygrow visualiser

Track your baby’s size compared to real life things!


bitbaby has been developed alongside NHS professionals, pregnancy clinics, and pregnant mothers.

How it works

bitbaby is designed to be an effective addition to help reduce anxiety during pregnancy.


Download the bitbaby app from the app store.


Connect and sync your
bitbaby band.


Wear and start tracking your baby’s movements!

Rachael’s story


bitbaby was founded by NHS Midwife Rachael Curran, who wanted parents to feel empowered, confident and most of all enjoy their pregnancy experience.

“With bitbaby, I want to empower and reassure expectant parents to enjoy their pregnancy experience, with the knowledge that their baby is moving.”

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