Happy, healthy mums and babies

Empowering and reassuring expectant parents to enjoy their pregnancy experience, with the knowledge that their baby is moving

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Understanding yours and baby’s wellbeing

Tracking every movement, the bitbaby app will keep you up-to-date with both yours and your baby’s wellbeing throughout your pregnancy.

Pregnant mother in black dress hugging her baby bump

The bitbaby device

  • Smart sensor technology

    bitbaby’s motion sensor accurately tracks fetal movement

  • Carefully designed for comfort

    A soft matte design to ensure mums can catch every movement with comfort.

  • Secure

    A non-invasive designed sticky pad for a secure monitoring experience

Rachael Curran founder of Bitbaby

Our Story

bitbaby’s inspiration derives from founder Rachael Curran’s 20 years of experience of bringing babies into the world as a midwife. Rachael wanted parents to feel empowered, confident and most of all enjoy their pregnancy experience. Rachael’s idea for bitbaby stemmed from her belief that the technology available for wearable fitness and sleep tracking devices could be used to support tracking fetal movements during pregnancy.

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Happy, healthy mums and babies

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