Weeks 1-2 of pregnancy

Congratulations, you’re pregnant!

Hi I’m rachel and I’ve been a midwife for over 20 years and bitbaby is based on my experiences of being a midwife all those years and how they struggle during pregnancy particularly when it comes to keeping a check on their baby’s movements.

During this video I’m going to talk about weeks 1 – 2, are you actually pregnant?

The way we calculate your pregnancy or the way we work out your actual due date is we ask you for the first day of your last period because we know that within that next month at some point you will have ovulated. You will have had unprotected sex and it’s likely that you will have conceived and the egg has been fertilised.

If your cycle is around 28 days it’s likely that you will ovulate around day 14 of that month. If it’s slightly longer than 28 days or shorter then it’s likely to be either a couple of days or a few days either side of 14 days within the month. What normally then happens is the egg then fertilises and usually around five to six days after your egg is fertilised it embeds into the lining of your uterus.

Normally around that time it’s not uncommon to have what we call a very small implantation bleed, which you may suspect, ‘is this the start of your period?’ but it’s a little bit irregular or it’s just a bit of spotting. Some women experience it but most women don’t and it’s around that time then that you have become pregnant but you may not physically have any symptoms or any signs at all in those first one to two weeks. At this stage though what you can do is you can take a pregnancy test.

In the next video I’m going to be talking about the next stages of pregnancy, those stages between weeks three to five, the changes that you will be experiencing within your body and also your baby’s development during that stage.

If you are seeking advice, please talk to your Midwife or Healthcare Provider.

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