Our Mission

Empowering and reassuring expectant parents to enjoy their pregnancy experience, with the knowledge that their baby is moving.

Despite a large number of pregnant women noticing changes in their baby’s movements, they don’t seek advice straight away, or at all.

With over 20 years experience in midwifery, our founder Rachael Curran has witnessed first-hand the challenges faced in understanding fetal movement and the impacts on pregnancy.

Determined to transform the way mothers understand their baby’s movements, bitbaby empowers and reassures expectant parents, with the knowledge that their baby is moving.


A note from the founder

Happy, healthy mums and babies

My idea for bitbaby materialised from my midwifery experience.

I have always been passionate about ensuring pregnant mothers and their partners receive the highest standard of care so they can have a positive pregnancy and birthing experience. Bitbaby empowers pregnant women by helping them to feel more in control of their pregnancy, more confident and trusting of their maternal instincts. My hope is by wearing bitbaby during pregnancy, mothers will feel empowered to ask questions and be more involved with decisions in regard to their care.


The team


Rachael Curran


Ben Charnock
Product Manager


Jess Richardson
Electronics Engineer


Clare Curran
Lead Designer


Ahmed Bilal
Lead Software Engineer


Megan Kearns
Marketing Executive


David Wood
Media Producer


Simon Wilson
Product Designer

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